Is all vintage good quality?

If 30 to 40 year old clothes are looking almost as new as today’s clothes, that’s a pretty good sign about their quality. But is really all vintage good quality? Of course there were also some low-quality garments around in those times! Companies trying to make a quick buck and selling low-quality products is very old. But these garments just don’t make it into our time. Generally, the technique and love that manufacturers put into vintage garments was much higher than it is today. This truly makes the difference compared to the fast fashion garments from today which companies optimize for a fast profit.

The fast fashion industry has changed how we choose our clothes. Why buy something that lasts, if a month later a new collection comes out and your clothes from last month already look dated? In order to drive prices down, they cut manufacturing costs to the limit, benefitting shareholders at worker’s expense. Alongside working conditions, the material quality and manufacturing quality declined. That’s why sadly, a shirt from Primark is most likely to last just about a few machine washes. In the end, people believe that they are spending less money on clothes. But in reality, they are constantly buying new things because whatever they bought a few weeks ago, is now looking completely outworn.

So let’s reverse this trend and demand long-lasting clothes. Hopefully the industry will change and start producing higher quality clothes again. Until then, we still have lots and lots of vintage clothes for you.

Find out more about sustainability in fashion and how high the carbon footprint of your wardrobe is.

There are already some more ecologically aware brands who focus on fair labor standards and create longer lasting garments. Check out this overview at

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